Various Investment Options Available Through a Cyprus CBI Program

Do you want to secure citizenship in Cyprus? If yes, then the best way to do it is through investment options. There are various scopes of investment in this beautiful country that opens the doors to your business for European market. You need to have a set of well-structured strategies to get everything processed in time, without facing any sorts of hassles. But the crucial point in this context is you need to consult a top-rated expert in immigration service if you want your application to be successful. Participating in the Cyprus passport by investment program requires you to have some knowledge about the various dynamics of investment choices.

Investment to National Funds

One of the most riskless options to invest is putting your money in the National Fund of Cyprus. The amount that you need to deposit is to the tune of 2 million Euros. Also, there is a Research and Technology Fund where you need to donate an additional amount of 500,000 Euros.

Direct Investments

Direct investment is yet another lucrative option that lets you deal in personal deposits in the form of investments in the real estate sector or buying shares of businesses. In this case, the amount needs to be at a minimum level of 5 million Euros.

Bank Deposits

Bank deposits, as the name suggests, are all about personal deposits in the banks and financial institutes of Cyprus. You can also deposit to a privately-owned organization or a private trust. The whole amount of deposit should be in the bank for a period of at least 3 years.

Invest in Local Business

Another great option to participate in the citizenship program is by heavily investing in local business. In this case, you are required to establish a new company in Cyprus where you should have the full control of all operations and management. If your business is able to employ at least 10 Cypriot citizens, then you need to pay an amount of 250,000 Euros.

Combination of Choices

You also have the provision to combine all of these choices and create an investment portfolio for yourself in order to get your citizenship. Combination can be in any form, provided you are abiding by the regulations and maintain the financial law and order of Cyprus. You need to consult a financial expert and legal advisor regarding implementing this specific strategy.

Impaired Deposits

There is a sixth option that lets you dwell in impaired deposits to participate in the citizenship program of Cyprus.

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