The Four Main Types of Material Handling Equipment

A material handling equipment can be described as an object used for transporting products from point A to point B. Some are used for storing and controlling the management of materials. Numerous items fall under this broad description. However, to make it simple, we’ve put them under four simple categories:

Bulk-material handling

Obviously, as the name suggests, this equipment carry material that is humongous in volume. Conveyor belts are a good example for this type of machine. It is largely used for horizontal transportation of goods. Some examples that can be carried through this handling equipment are liquids, metal items, minerals, food and beverages. Hoppers and drums are used then to compartmentalize the material to finally package it.

Engineered systems

Automated machines fall in this category of machines. They need assembling for them to enable their work. An automated storage and retrieval system are a large device, automated in nature that comes together with aisles, racks and shelves. A system operator manages this equipment. It is accessed by a shuttle. The person in charge can pick up items either manually or in bulk. The AS/RS platform is synced with the production unit’s computer system for faster production.

Storage equipment

Non-automated storage machines fall in this category. Products are accumulated at one place to build stock. This is the time when storage equipment is used. Materials can be kept at one place for a short period or a long period. High-quality shelves and racks fall under this category. Good companies have excellent storage and handling equipment. However, this equipment requires maximum space in the entire production process.

Transport equipment

These types of equipment are some of the most common and over-used items. They all provide transportation. They have limitless range – some can be operated by hand and others are motorized vehicles, much bigger in size. Whether small or large, they all provide the basic function of providing mobility to objects for smooth transportation. These trucks have different features such as forks or flat surfaces. These can be attached to pallets that can be used for lifting. Overhead cranes are a good option for carrying items.

In Conclusion

Any company will benefit from having all systems in place for maximum efficiency. Even if one system is out of place, the entire process will crumble. Most businesses in Dubai and UAE have recognized the need of having all material handling equipment at their production unit.

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