Renting a Car in Dubai? Know These Traffic Rules!

Dubai is a marvelous city where there are numerous places of interest. You would be amazed to witness the glitz and glamour if you are visiting Dubai for the first time. Arguably the best way to explore the city is when you rent a car Dubai Baniyas, through a service package. It would certainly add tons of value to your driving experience. You would enjoy discovering various streets and alleys. But it is also critical to know about details of traffic rules and regulations in Dubai. The knowledge is helpful to improve your experience on the road, driving a rented car. Carry on reading to know some of the exact details on this topic.

Avoid Drunk Driving

This is too obvious by all means. When a person rents a car, he should have the common sense not to do drunk driving. It is strictly prohibited in Dubai (and elsewhere in UAE, too!). You should diligently follow this rule to stay in the good books of the administration. Any random test on you should give negative results, as far as consumption of alcohol is concerned. If you are caught in drunk driving, there will be a heavy penalty. You can also be jailed. Deportation is also not out of question.

Strapping Your Kids

Do you plan to rent a car and then drive it with your kids by your side or at the back seat? If yes, then you must follow certain rules as set by the concerned administration. Any child, who is below 8, must be secured on the booster seat. Also, any child who is yet to be 13 should never be in your passenger seat. This is absolutely illegal according to the jurisdiction of UAE. You must follow this rule sincerely.

Don’t Use Your Phone

Please keep in mind that when you are driving your rented car, you are never allowed to use your mobile phone. Of course, the rule is set and applied to reduce the incidence of road accidents in Dubai. You are allowed to use hands-free devices. But it is recommended not to get too involved in the conversation when you are driving.

Vehicle Insurance

It is totally illegal to drive a rented vehicle, or for that matter any vehicle, without insurance. Ensure that you have a well-documented valid insurance document when you are driving a rented car on Dubai roads. This will save you from all sorts of administrative hassles in Dubai.

Know the Traffic Rules in Details

Do you want to get more information about the option of renting a car? Simply call a rental service provider and enquire.

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